Christmas Joy


For me Christmas is the festival of joy and sharing. This year i had made a few plans to celebrate the day. However, out of nowhere, without any previous symptoms, i was down with high fever since the evening of 24th. All my plans went down the drain. 😦  Though i felt a little better in the morning today, i did not have the strength to go out and do anything. Also, because my sister is having her exams and she too is confined inside the house,  we had to settle for a simple lunch.

I was sad. But then my best friend called me to ask about my health. And guess what? He promised to get me some pastries and other goodies. This was the best thing that happened to me today. He was my Santa Claus today 🙂 . He made my day and his sweet gesture instantly lifted up my spirits . In spite of feeling weak, I am up now and a happy me is writing this post 🙂

And this is what i got:  😀


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you out there…..and keep the spirit alive throughout the year!

Hope you too had a great Christmas….do share your experiences with me!

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