Is it happening?


Can someone  tell me for sure if the world is coming to an end?  It’s already the beginning of December and some say, the Mayan calendar has predicted the end of the world on Dec 21, 2012.If  it is, I would prefer to die with my family and friends, eating and partying till the last breath.

On a serious note, at this point of time, i feel that even if the world does not end by the Mayan prediction, it certainly is going to in the near future. The way we human beings (self proclaimed ‘most intelligent’ beings on the surface of the earth) are exploiting Mother Nature to her core, with the growth in population, burning of fossil fuels, hatred and animosity towards each other , wanting bigger and better objects of desire, loss of patience and respect towards each other… etc etc….the world is surely coming to an end.

end of world

Anyways, what is the one thing you guys would want to do if you knew for certain that the world would end in the next few days? 😉 😛 😀

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  1. I would just just to know the exact date, and then leave up all my dream…..You know you don’t need to save for the future anymore….Hehehe….I would like to take a huge loan from the bank and get going….:)

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