Ageless childhood

When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood

~ Sam Ewing

Some days, for no specific reason, I have a sad & heavy heart. I miss my past…..especially my childhood days – the ones which are never going to come back. But then my heart wishes it so much.

I long for –

  • my innocent classmates who also happened to my best buddies just because we had so many things in common
  • those ½ hr lunch breaks and group punishments in the assembly ground of my school
  • those free periods in school, which meant lots of shouting and having fun
  • my being “me” & not be bothered about what others thought or felt about me
  • laughing my lungs out (many times without a reason)
  • running, sometimes falling, in no specific direction, without inhibition or embarrassment
  • being able to eat anything and everything that caught my fancy (not knowing what the dreadful word “calorie” meant)
  • those days when meals meant food ready on the table ready to be devoured, without having to think how it reached there
  • holidays which meant getting dirty by digging grass & hunting for stuffs like worms, etc.
  • sickness which meant extra love, care and pampering by Maa & Deuta
  • those petty sibling fights I had with my 2 sisters and cousin brother while growing up together
  • those treasure hunts for cookies, cakes, biscuits, etc. hidden by Maa in the kitchen racks
  • days when the words like “ego”, “compromise”, etc. did not exist in my world

An SMS I received once says a lot of the things i feel:

“I want to go back to the time….

  When ‘getting high’ meant ‘on a swing’

  When ‘drinking’ meant ‘apple juice’

  When ‘Dad’ was the only ‘hero’

  When ‘love’ meant ‘Mom’s hug’

  When ‘Dad’s shoulder’ was ‘the highest place on earth’

  When your ‘worst enemies’ were ‘your siblings’

  When the only thing that could ‘hurt’ were ‘skinned knees’

  When the only things ‘broken’ were your ‘toys’

  And when ‘goodbyes’ meant only ’till tomorrow’….”

I can’t go back, but I cherish those days, with happiness in my heart, that I could live them the way i did. 🙂

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